Full listings of the class schedules for the Civil & Environmental Engineering department are available below, organized by semester. The files contain the full details of class number, subject, course name, instructor name, date, time and location for each class.

Questions regarding class schedules should be directed to your Academic advisor or CEE department.

2023 SPRING (Updated 10/27/2022)

2022 FALL (Updated 08/22/22)

2022 SUMMER (Updated 03/14/22)

2022 SPRING (Updated 10/29/21)

2021 FALL (Updated 10/21/21)

2021 SUMMER (Updated 4/9/21)

2021 SPRING (Updated 1/11/21)

2020 FALL (Updated 8/17/2020)

2020 SUMMER (Updated 3/19/2020)

2020 SPRING (Updated 1/2/2020)

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