Giving Back to FIU CEE

Investing in the future of our department is investing in the value of the degree that you received from the FIU department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Consider helping us with your advocacy and support.

There are a number of ways through which you can help the department maintain and exceed current levels of exciting growth and quality. Here is a list of things that you may consider:

  • Support scholarships for students
  • Sponsor student organizations for regional and national competitions
  • Sponsor faculty research and development
  • Provide internships and co-op opportunities for students
  • Provide means of networking for students
  • Mentor undergraduate students
  • Sponsor continuing education of your employees at FIU
  • Get involved in our seminars and workshops
  • Help lobby at the state and local levels for our needs
  • Help develop a strong alumni network

Contact Sharon Manjarres and Diana Bemmel at  if you are interested in pursuing alumni engagement opportunities.

Visit the FIU Office of Alumni Relations for information on lifelong learning opportunities, alumni events and career services from FIU.

To give to FIU, click here.