Find Your Focus in FIU CEE’s Specialty Areas

Civil Engineering may be one of the oldest disciplines in the field of engineering, but it remains highly relevant in today’s economy and job market.

Whether you choose to focus your education at FIU CEE on environmental engineering concerns or supplement your civil engineering focus with a structural, construction, transportation, water resources, or geotechnical specialization, you’ll enjoy a dynamic, modern curriculum and leave prepared to make an impact in a competitive, contemporary field.

Environmental Engineering
Whether you care about providing safer drinking water, protecting the population from environmental factors and natural disasters, or controlling the effects of pollution, you can improve the health and well-being of the human population through environmental engineering.

Structural Engineering
From learning about the use of technology in structural design and analysis to performing experimental testing of new building materials and designs, an education in structural engineering ensures that you’ll be primed to plan, design or improve the safety of the physical structures of the future.

Geotechnical Engineering
Sound, economical foundations can only be built on soils and rocks that can support them. Study geotechnical engineering at FIU to learn about the physical behavior of geological materials, the effects of vibration forces on structures, and the proper foundations for projects ranging from dams and tunnels to tall buildings.

Construction Engineering
The construction industry represents 10 percent of the U.S. gross national product and employs more civil engineers than any other field. Prepare yourself for a career in this important, lucrative sector of the economy by specializing in construction engineering at Florida International University.

Transportation Engineering
FIU CEE has the largest university transportation faculty group in the state of Florida and one of the best transportation faculty-to-student ratios in the nation. Equip yourself to respond to the myriad challenges facing the transportation and urban planning industries with a multidisciplinary education from the leading transportation faculty of FIU CEE.

Water Resources Engineering
A resource as scarce and critical as water calls for its own discipline. The researchers and instructors focusing on water resources at FIU are training students to handle the highly dynamic and fragile balance between competing needs in water supply, environmental quality and urban development.