This page contains a general list of university-wide, college-wide, and departmental policies and procedures; the list may not contain all policies and procedures that may be of interest to a faculty member. The links generally take faculty members to main websites where they can search for specific documents.

All herein listed links and files are regularly updated but the department strongly recommends all interested users to always confirm that they use the most updated documentation. Please inform department staff if you discover any broken links or old documents linked.

General FIU Resources:

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Terms and Conditions of employment for faculty employees are governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the bargained Faculty Policies between the United Faculty of Florida-Florida International University (UFF-FIU) and the Florida International University Board of Trustees (FIU-BOT). The Collective Bargaining Agreement can be found on the Provost’s website at

Policies and Procedures Library

The FIU Policies and procedures Library is the official repository for university-wide policies and procedures:

Provost’s Resources

The Provost’s Faculty Resource Page ( page includes, among other information, Panther180, tenure and promotion, sustained performance review, sabbatical professional development, leave of absence, and collective bargaining documents.

Another useful resource on the Provost’s website ( is the Faculty Handbook ( A link to the handbook is on the left-hand menu of the website.

Search and Screen Handbook

This Handbook guides faculty in their service on Faculty Search & Screen Committees. The handbook is found on the HR website at .

Course Accessibility at FIU

FIU has committed to making all digital information and digital service acquired, developed, or delivered by any campus, college, or vice president unit accessible and in compliance with the Minimum Digital Accessibility Standards (MDAS). Faculty should use Canvas for their course website and make sure their course is accessible. More details can be found at Ally Course Accessibility Reports are found in the left course menu for each individual course. Accessibility scores should be more than 95% and as close to 100% as possible.

Environmental Health and Safety Resources

The Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) protects the university community and its environment by ensuring operations comply with all applicable regulations and best practices. EHS resources can be found at and should be reviewed by all Principal Investigators (PI’s) and laboratory managers in charge of laboratories and physical testing facilities.

College of Engineering and Computing Resources


Documentation about Administration Operations, Tenure and Promotion Guidelines, Non-tenure-track Promotion Guidelines and Annual Assignment and Review of Faculty are found at

Faculty Council on Governance

The CEC Faculty Council is one of the policy-making bodies of the College of Engineering and Computing consisting of membership from all departments. Faculty Council resources can be found at

CEE Guidelines and Policies

The following links and documentation include a selection of materials that are fundamental important to each faculty member who has been hired by the department either in the tenure and tenured ranks, non-tenure classification, and others. If either links or information is not herein presented, it is recommended to search in the university-wide or college-wide websites.

CEE Bylaws (last updated 9/24/2021) – CEE-BYLAWS_10_5_2021

Tenure and Promotion Related

Evaluation and Performance Related

Graduate Student Related

Other Documents

CEE Guideline and Policy Archives

This section contains old versions of CEE guidelines, policies, and other documents. These versions are marked with “Archived” watermarks.

CEE Bylaws

CEE Tenure and Promotion Guidelines for TT Faculty

CEE Promotion Guidelines for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

CEE Annual Teaching Evaluation Policy