I. Course Changes.

ENV 4330 Advanced Hazardous Waste (3). Generation, transport, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste; risk assessment and treatment of contaminated media. Prerequisite: ENV 4351.
NOTE: ENV4330 is not a requirement for graduation, it is considered a technical elective, now the Environmental Engineering program includes three technical electives.

ENV 4351 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (3). Sources, amounts and characteristics of solid wastes; municipal collection systems; method of disposal; energetic consideration in the recovery and recycle of wastes. Prerequisites: PHY 2049, and CHM 1046 and CHM 1046L.

ENV 4891 Environmental Engineering Senior Design Project (3).Team design project involving applications of fundamental environmental engineering concepts to project design, specifications, contracts and implementation. Emphasis on written and oral communication. Prerequisites: CWR3103, ENV 4401 or ENV4551, ENV 4351, and ENV4101.

II. New Courses

CGN 2420 Computer Tools for Engineers (3). Introduction to common civil engineering software such as MathCad, VBA, and others. Prerequisites: MAC2312 and PHY2048. Mandatory for those students entering upper division in Fall 2010 or later.

ENC 3213 Professional and Technical Writing (3). Principles and practices of effective workplace writing. Students learn audience analysis in order to become more effective writers. Genres include memos, business letters, proposals, and reports. Prerequisites: ENC 1101, ENC 1102. Mandatory for those students entering upper division in Spring 2011 or later.

CGN 4980 Fundamentals of Engineering Seminar (1). Basic principles and applications of engineering, including mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, electrical engineering, thermodynamics, statistics, ethics, engineering economy, math, chemistry and biology. Prerequisites: EGM3520 or EGN3343, CWR3201, EEL3110 or EEL3003, STA3033 or EIN3235, EGN2030 and EIN3235. Mandatory for those students with no technical electives by Spring 2011.

EEL 3110 Circuit Analysis (3). Introductory circuit analysis dealing with DC, AC, and transient electrical circuit analysis and the general excitation of circuits using the Laplace transform. Not for Electrical Engineering majors. Prerequisites: MAC 2312, PHY 2049. Corequisites: MAP 2302. This course will replace course EEL3003 Electrical Engineering (3), starting Spring 2011.