I. Course Changes

CEG 4011 Geotechnical Engineering I (3).Engineering geology, soil properties; stresses in soils; failures; criteria; consolidation and settlement; compaction, soil improvement and slope stabilization. Prerequisites: GLY 1010 and GLY 1010L, CWR 3201 and CWR 3201L, EGM 520, and EGM 3520L.

CGN 2420 Computer Tools for Engineers (3).Introduction to common civil engineering software such as MathCad, VBA, and others. Prerequisites: MAC2312 and PHY2048.

EGN 3311 Statics (3).Forces on particles, and two and three dimensional rigid bodies, equilibrium of forces, moments, couples, centroids, section properties, and load analysis of structures; vector approach is utilized. Prerequisites: MAC 2312 and PHY 2048. Corequisite: MAC 2313.

CWR 3201 Fluid Mechanics (3).A study of the properties of fluids and their behavior at rest and in motion. Continuity, momentum, and energy principles of fluid flow. Prerequisites: MAP 2302, EGN 3321. Corequisite: CWR 3201L.

TTE 4201 Transportation and Traffic Engineering (3).Transportation characteristics; transportation planning, traffic control devices, intersection design, network design, research. Prerequisites: STA 3033 or EIN 3235, EGN 3321, and SUR 2101C.

II. New Courses

GLY 1010 Introduction to Earth Science (3). GLY 1010L Introduction to Earth Science Lab (1). Basic survey of Earth materials and structure, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, surface processes and groundwater, climate change, earth resources and the impact of geology on society. Mandatory for those students who did not finish five technical electives by Fall 2009 (this course substitute one technical elective, now the Civil Engineering program has four technical electives).

EEL 3110 Circuit Analysis (3). Introductory circuit analysis dealing with DC, AC, and transient electrical circuit analysis and the general excitation of circuits using the Laplace transform. Not for Electrical Engineering majors. Prerequisites: MAC 2312, PHY 2049. Corequisites: MAP 2302. This course will replace course EEL3003 Electrical Engineering (3), starting Spring 2011.