The room is used to store equipment for SUR 3101C – Surveying. The field exercises focus on the following aspects:

1. Manipulation and use of:

a) Tape
b) Level
c) Global Positioning System (GPS)
d) EDM
e) Total Station

2. Developing a Topographic Map
3. Placement of a finished floor elevation for a building footprint
4. Utilization of GPS equipment to determine areas and distances

 Number                      Equipment
       1 Theodolite (Topcon)
       2 Total Station Model (Topcon)
       3 Level (Topcon)
       4 Levels & Theodolites (Topcon)
       5 Garmin handheld Global Positioning Systems
       6 AGL-400 Laser Level
       7 Sokkia Set 6E Compact Total Status