Course Outline

The certification course consists of two segments:

Segment 1 – Principles of Mainline Asphalt Paving (PMAP)

This class is a two and a half days (including the exam) designed to offer an overview of road owners’ expectations, government requirements, measurements and specifications The content of Segment 1 is as follows:

  • Introduction to Paving
  • Introduction to Asphalt
  • Measurement
  • Surface Preparation
  • Mix Transportation
  • Mix Placement
  • Mix Compaction
  • Specification
  • Pavement Recycling
Segment 2 – Paver: Machine Operation (MOQ)

This class is two and a half days (including the exam) designed to introduce technicians to popular paving equipment and provide them with a hands-on experience to operate the equipment and meet production and quality objectives. Initially, this will be offered at Wirtgen’s Headquarters in Nashville Tennessee. The content of this segment include:

  • Paving Machine Design
  • Screed Design
  • Planning for Success
  • Checks and Setup Prior to Paving
  • Practice Paving with Sand
  • After Paving


A Certificate of Achievement is awarded for each course a participant fully attends and attains a passing grade on the final exam.

A special Certificate of Achievement will be awarded by FIU to each participant who completes both Segments (“Principles” and “Operations”).

Certificates, CEUs, and PDHs are appropriately approved and awarded by the Florida International University Paving Academy.