Program Tuition

Tuition paid will cover

  • Twelve-week course
  • FE-diagnostic exam that follows the NCEES format and regulations
  • Online access to course lecture videos


Semester Course Format
Program Cost
Fall 2021 (Civil & Environmental) Online Only $700 REGISTRATION IS NOT AVAILABLE


Course Materials

Course material will be given to the students who register for the course.

Online Access

The course lecture video is posted online by the morning of every Wednesday and Friday through the Office of Distance Education(ODE). Each lecture video is posted for one week, and can be viewed repeatedly within that one week. The lecture video is posted as a view-only, and can not be downloaded or saved on the registrant’s computer.  There is no additional fee to get online access to the course. To access the online lectures, visit ODE FE Review. You will be emailed a username and password to access the online course lecture videos after you have registered.

For questions regarding refunds and cancellations, please view our cancellation policy.