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The purpose of graduate advising in FIU CEE is to ensure students are successful in completing the graduate degree requirement and derive the best educational value from their experiences in the department.

Advising involves academic planning, degree requirements, course prerequisites, and the selection of an academic advisor. Once selected, your academic advisor helps with administrative procedures such as registration.

The graduate program director will serve as your de facto advisor upon your acceptance to a CEE graduate program. The GPD will provide initial advising and help you with change of major, course equivalencies and graduation requirements, among others.

Important Graduate Degree Information
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Important information for graduate students:

  • Graduate orientation is held each fall, within the first two weeks of the semester. Attendance is strongly recommended for all incoming students. Orientation dates are posted in advance.
  • To change your degree program to Civil or Environmental Engineering, please fill the Change Graduate Program form ( and email it to the GPD.
  • Appointments with your graduate advisor should be made in advance via email. It is strongly recommended that you schedule your appointments during times other than the days directly preceding deadlines. Planning in advance can save you delays and problems.

Below, you’ll find forms and tools related to graduate advising.

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Graduate Program Director:

Armin Mehrabi, Ph.D., P.E., MBA

Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder, 1994
Civil Engineering

Dr. Armin Mehrabi joined the Civil and Environmental Department of the College of Engineering and Computing in January of 2017.

Dr. Mehrabi comes from Bridge Engineering Solutions where he served as the President and Principal Engineer for 12 years.  He specializes in inspection, evaluation, cable vibration and wind assessment, health monitoring, and rehabilitation of cable-supported bridges.  He has developed non-destructive evaluation and inspection methods for bridge structures, and has been involved in inspection, evaluation, monitoring, life-cycle-cost analysis, and/or rehabilitation design for 14 cable-stayed bridges, and 11 other cable supported bridges in the US and abroad.  Dr. Mehrabi is the co-inventor of a Laser-Based Cable Monitoring System developed with the support of US Federal Highway Administration, for which he was awarded as “One of Top 25 Newsmakers of the Year, 1997, By ENR.”   Before establishing the Bridge Engineering Solutions firm, he worked and managed the largest privately owned structural laboratory in the US for 8 years. His experiences include also 6 years of structural design and five years as lecturer in various universities in Iran.

His thesis on Seismic Behavior of Masonry Infilled RC Frames won the Most Outstanding Thesis Award by The Masonry Society in 1997.  Dr. Mehrabi has also served as Consultant for Construction Support Services and QC/QA for bridges.  He has served as Complex Bridge Specialist and consultant for the Sunshine Skyway and Dames Point Cable-stayed Bridges in Florida for instrumentation, non-destructive testing, and periodic stay force and damping measurement.  His research interests are in the areas of Non-Destructive Evaluation of Bridges, Structural Health Monitoring, Vibration Analysis and Mitigation for Slender Tension Elements, Structural Performance Evaluation through Field and Laboratory Testing, Bridge Rehabilitation and Corrosion Mitigation, as well as Analysis and Modeling of Masonry and R/C Frames subject to Lateral/Seismic Loading.

Dr. Mehrabi holds an M.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Tehran, Iran, an MBA from Niagara University, NY, and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1994. He is a registered professional engineer in several states. Dr. Mehrabi has carried out several research studies in Structural Engineering field and has published more than 60 papers and articles on the subject of inspection and evaluation of bridges, and laboratory testing and seismic analysis of masonry and infilled frames in Professional Journals, Conference Proceedings, and Professional Magazines.  He has given lectures and Keynote speeches in several venues in the US and abroad.

Curriculum Vitae

Office: EC 3602
Phone: (305) 348-3653