This laboratory is primarily used to teach ENV 4551L Wastewater Laboratory. This laboratory course acquaints the students with the role of experimentation in the study of relevant processes in wastewater treatment. Experiments are designed to give students an opportunity to apply fundamental principles of wastewater treatment. Experiments provide important data for process design. All students are required to participate in a number of experiments, including a field experience. The laboratory is focused to test the knowledge learned from ENV 4551-Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment, which is a co-requisite of ENV 4551L. Activities include the following:

  • Introduction: safety and methods
  • Understanding and implementation of standards and experimental protocols
  • Total solids, total volatile solids, dissolved solids, dissolved volatile solids, suspended solids, suspended volatile solids determinations
  • Flotation
  • Sedimentation
  • COD determination
  • Demonstrations of testing equipment and reactor simulations
  • Field experience at a local facility with a written report
  Number                Equipment
       1  Spectrophotometers (DR-3000)
       2  Spectrophotometers (DR-2000)
       3  pH meters Port Orion Mod 407
       4  Turbiditymeter (Hach Mod 2100A)
       5  Six-paddle Stirrer
       6  Anaerobic Digestor (Armfield W8)
       7  Aerobic Digestor (Armfiel W11)