This laboratory is exclusively used to teach EGM 3520L – Materials Testing Laboratory – which provides students with a basic understanding of the types of stresses, combination of stresses, stress-strain relationships and column action, using wood, steel and concrete as the materials to be tested with the above mentioned stress conditions. This course includes nine experiments in one semester:

1. Introduction
2. Specific Gravity and Absorption Test of coarse aggregates
3. Concrete Mixture Design
4. Tensile test
5. Torsional test
6. Flexural test
7. Compressive test
8. Splitting test
9. Column buckling test

The equipment is especially built for teaching and requires little maintenance. A large Universal Testing Machine by Instron is used for teaching and research at the graduate level in Room OU 125. Two other Universal Testing Machines used for teaching undergraduates are located in Room OU 107. The laboratory classes are conducted at the Materials Testing Lab located in room OU 107.

    Number                         Equipment
           1 UTM INSTRON 100kip
           2 UTM Tinius Olsen 60kip
           3 22 EMF Universal Testing Machine
           4 MC-250 Concrete Compression Machine
           5 500 Digital Concrete Compression Machine – ELE
           6 Portable Flexural Strength Tester Hand Operated
           7 Flexure Frame
           8 Torsion Testing Machine
           9 Indicator Strain Model
          10 Concrete Curing Chamber
          11 Concrete Mixer