The equipment is used to teach the 10 experiments of the CEG 4011L – Soil Testing Laboratory I:

1. Water Content Identification
2. Atterberg Limits and Indices
3. Mechanical Grain Size Analysis
4. Hydrometer Grain Size Analysis
5. ASTM Compaction Tests (Stad. and Mod.)
6. In-situ Density: Sand Cone Method
7. In-situ Density: Permeability Test
8. Constant Head Permeability Test
9. Direct Shear Test
10. Stress-deformation and Strength Characteristics

This laboratory course gives the student a basic understanding of soil properties and behavior, with emphasis on the importance of sampling and testing procedures, as specified by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for soil and rock testing.

Number          Equipment
      1 Triaxial Testing System
      2 Unconfined Compr. Machine
      3 Direct Shear Machine
      4 Consolidometer
      5 Oven
      6 Scales
      7 Balances
      8 RO-TAP Sieve Shaker
      9 GeoGauge
     10 Nuclear Density Apparatus
     11 Soil Mixer