These laboratories are used to teach ENV 3001L Environmental laboratory, the introductory environmental engineering laboratory class with about fourteen experiments per semester. The experiments are:

1. Lab introduction: safety precautions, definitions
2. Chemistry review: calculations for standard solutions, moles and equivalents
3. Preparation of reagent and sample solutions
4. pH and acid-base titration: use of pH meter
5. Hardness determination for water samples: volumetric titration
6. Alkalinity titration: its relevance in natural systems and water treatment
7. Adsorption on activated carbon: removal of color and organics
8. Jar test for coagulation: turbidity reduction
9. Microscopy and algae: the microscopic examination of lake water samples
10. BOD: aggregate measure of total biodegradable organics in wastewater
11. Determination of organic carbon content in soil samples
12. Noise measurements
13. Solid waste disposal
14. Chromatographic techniques for the examination of environmental samples

This introductory laboratory course gives the students a basic understanding of sampling and measurements of pollution in environmental engineering. Practical applications of the theory learned in ENV 3001 which is a co-requisite to ENV 3001L, are demonstrated.

  Number                        Equipment
       1  Microscope Binocular (Amer Optic)
       2  Microscope Binocular (Nikon)
       3  Six-Paddle Stirrer
       4  pH meters Orion Mod 420A
       5  Turbidimeters (Hach Mod 2100N)
       6  Spectrophotometers (Hach Mod DR/2000)
       7  Six-Paddle Stirrer with 2-L Square Tanks
       8  Fisher Ultrasonic Cleaner FS 140
       9  Fisher Surface Tensiometer Model 20
      10  National Glassware Washer/Dryer
      11  IEC HN-SII Benchtop Centrifuge
      12  DX-120 Auto Dual Column Ion Chromatograph
      13  Barnstead E-pure 3-Module Deionization System