Seung Jae Lee

Seung Jae LeeSeung Jae Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014
Civil Engineering
Phone: (305) 348-1086

Dr. Seung Jae Lee works in the area of Computational Discrete Mechanics at the interface of Structural, Geotechnical and Computational Engineering that focuses on the discrete natures prevalent in a broad spectrum of engineering materials and systems. He is particularly interested in fundamental mechanisms behind complex macroscopic phenomena that originate from material discontinuity at a small scale, e.g., can be seen in concrete, aggregates, soil, and also system level discontinuity at a larger scale in civil infrastructure such as cascading damages by wind-born debris that requires the simulation of interactions between dislodged resources and infrastructure, bridge/building collapse, and crowd dynamics that can be modeled as granular flows. He develops analytical methods and computational tools to tackle such challenging problems related to discontinuity, and clearly extended the limits of physical length and time scales in the discrete mechanical simulation by 2 orders of magnitude (i.e., about 100 times) in his career. He received several awards from engineering communities including ASCE, and was selected one of 35 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty awardees within 2 years of career nationwide in 2016. Over the past years, he has actively collaborated with external research institutes including NASA, FRA (Federal Railroad Administration), NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications), and could successfully secure research supports from NSF, NVIDIA, U.S. Rocket Academy and others since moving to FIU. He is also an active faculty advisor to several FIU student clubs including FISICAFIU Chapter of Chi Epsilon and CCSLR Student Organization.