(1) This course is required for all persons with duties that include any of the following activities:
(a) Direct responsibility for placement of work zone traffic control devices;
(b) Direct responsibility for field maintenance of work zone traffic control devices;
(c) Inspection of the placement or operational function of work zone traffic control devices;
(d) Drafting or electronic generation of work zone traffic control plans.

Sixteen hours of classroom instruction on the Design Standards and MUTCD. The minimum intermediate training classroom and field demonstration areas to be covered shall be Part 6 of the MUTCD, Index 600 series (in detail) of the Design Standards and students participating in workshop exercises selecting and setting up two sample work zones. Flagging operations shall be covered in enough detail that a person who successfully completes this course is capable of providing basic training as described above. A written test with at least 15 questions on traffic control devices, 30 questions on the minimum design standards for traffic control on the State Highway System.