Work zone traffic control is an important function necessary in providing a safe environment in those areas where workers and transportation modes may compete for common or adjacent space. Every reasonable effort should be made to reduce the risk of injury to both the worker and the transportation system user in these areas of potential conflicting interests. In order to achieve this goal, proper training of all personnel involved in the planning, design, supervising, implementations and maintenance of work zone traffic control is necessary.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has established a Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) program. This program functions include establishing procedures, standards, and specifications involving work zone traffic control issues and to oversee training courses for approval that are submitted in compliance with this procedure. For this purpose, FDOT has developed a list of approved training courses. The objective of these training courses is to provide every person involved with Work Zone Traffic Control with constant and consistent education to ensure that Department standards are followed in planning, designing, supervising, implementing, and maintaining work zone traffic control.

The Division of External Programs in partnership with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is an approved provider for the MOT program required by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

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Training or refresher courses, for all category levels, are required every four years for all persons to continue to be qualified to perform their assigned duties. Persons who have maintained current certification by retesting from an approved provider may take a training or refresher course to comply with this procedure. FIU does not offer CEU/PDH (Professional Development Hours) credits for the Intermediate and Advanced MOT Training.