Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for each qualification?

Please see our requirements for qualification here.

What should I do if I believe I have met all the qualification requirements but have not received my certificate?

First, please review the qualification requirements now posted on the web, make sure all your documentation has been submitted and you have passed the exams. Then, a written request would work best for us, but a phone call is acceptable. Please address all questions about exams and certificates to, 305-348-4893.

How do I know which course to take for a specific qualifications?

The training requirements for qualification are now on our website. Click on Requirements for Qualifications and you’ll see the titles of qualification offered through FDOT-CTQP. Click on a title and the link will take you to the specific section in the FDOT Training/Qualification Manual.

Are there other requirements for qualification besides the FDOT-CTQP courses?

YES. The upper level courses typically require documentation of related work experience and Earthwork Construction Inspection Level 1 requires a nuclear radiation safety certificate.

Are there prerequisites for attendance?


How do I know which course to take?

The training you need should be determined by the work you will be doing. CTQP courses are set up to meet the needs of entry level personnel as well as those with more experience. In general, the Level 1 courses target those who will be performing tests in the field or in the lab. Practice sessions and proficiency exams are integral parts of these courses, as well as the written exam. The Level 2 courses develop knowledge in interpreting test results, comparing these with contract documents and enabling the technicians to make decisions in light of the specifications and contract documents. FDOT road and bridge specifications will specify what levels of training are required for each quality acceptance task.

Are exams administered in Spanish?

Exams are administered in English only.

Where can I check my exam score and/or print my certificate?

You can do either of these by visiting Exam Results and Certificates page