The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the FIU College of Engineering and Computing is proud to offer a variety of technology transfer and training opportunities for professionals.

CTQP (Construction Training Qualification Program)Training and examinations in concrete, asphalt, aggregate, earthwork, geotechnical, quality control management, and structures and grouting for qualification and certification under the Florida Department of Transportation Construction Training Qualification Program (CTQP).

The ever changing technology in the highway and bridge construction sector, and the federal mandate for using skilled technicians and engineers to work on federally funded transportation projects, have prompted the Florida Department of Transportation to establish a rigorous training and certification program.

The Division of External Programs in partnership with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is an approved provider for the, Construction Training Qualification Program required by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Visit the State Construction Office for more information.

Maintenance of Traffic (MOT): Training and examinations in intermediate, intermediate refresher, advanced and advanced refresher for qualifications and certification under Florida Department of Transportation MOT program.