Undergraduate Course Equivalency Procedure

  • Get official transcripts from transfer university.
  • If transcripts are not in English, transcripts need to be translated into English by Josef Silny and Associates.or other approved credential evaluator, as posted at http://admissions.fiu.edu/apply/submitting-transcripts/index.html
  • Submit transcripts to FIU Registrar office.
  • Check your unofficial transcripts on PantherSoft until you can see your transfer courses posted.
  • After transfer courses are posted, meet with your advisor to discuss which courses automatically transferred and which courses will need to be evaluated for transfer credit. Obtain the course syllabi for the courses you wish to get equivalencies that did not automatically transfer. Original course syllabi have to be officially sealed or stamped by the granting university. If the syllabi are not in English, they must be translated by an official translator.
  • Take the course syllabi to your advisor for processing. The advisors will submit the course syllabi and required forms to the appropriate department for review.
  • The responsible FIU department will examine the course syllabi and approve or disapprove the equivalency by signing the equivalency form.
  • The signed equivalency form will then be returned to the Civil Engineering Advisor for approval (or disapproval), and the student records will be updated accordingly.