Those who are interested in taking a few graduate classes without obtaining a graduate degree, or who are unable to enter the graduate program on time to register for a semester, have the option of registering as non-degree seeking students.

Registering as a non-degree seeking student is one way to begin matriculation immediately and avoid delay in obtaining a graduate degree. If a student completes course credits as a non-degree seeking student and is later accepted into a graduate program, those credits need to be transferred into the program to count toward the degree requirements. Up to 12 credits of graduate courses taken at FIU may be transferred into a graduate program at FIU. Up to 6 credits of graduate course earned from another institution may be transferred to a graduate program at FIU.

It is strongly advised that all non-degree seeking students meet with the Graduate Program Director to get academic advice before registering for courses. This is both to ensure that you will be successful in completing the courses that you register for and that the courses will be accepted as part of your graduate program if you are admitted later. Failure to get advising before registering as a special student may result in your earned credits not being counted toward your degree requirements.

Graduate Program Director’s contact information:

Armin Mehrabi, Ph.D., P.E., MBA

Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder, 1994
Civil Engineering

Office: EC 3627
Phone: (305) 348-3653

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