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Peter A. Irwin

Peter A. Irwin, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Wall of Wind™ Professor of Practice
Ph.D., McGill University, 1974
Structural and Wind Engineering
(305)348-4883 EC 3740


Peter A. Irwin, Ph.D., P.Eng., is a renowned wind engineering expert who joined the FIU Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty in early 2012 as Professor of Practice for the Wall of Wind. Dr. Irwin comes to Florida International University with over twenty years of experience as a highly sought-after wind engineering consultant.

Dr. Irwin began his career interested in aeronautical engineering, the discipline in which he earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, and began his professional career by serving as a research officer for the British Royal Aircraft Establishment from 1969-71. He went on to receive his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University in Canada in 1974, then went to work at the National Research Council of Canada, where he began his research on the effects of high winds on large structures – the area of expertise in which he now serves as an international authority.

Dr. Irwin spent six years with the National Research Council of Canada before moving into private engineering consulting at Rowan Williams Davies and Irwin Inc. (and its predecessor companies), where he has provided expert advice on major building projects for over twenty years. Dr. Irwin has done wind consulting for some of the most ambitious building projects on record, including three structures to have held the honor of “world’s tallest building”: The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan; and Burj Khalifai in Dubai, UAE – currently the world’s tallest building.

Dr. Irwin served in a variety of roles at RWDI, including Principal Engineer, Director of Technical Services, President and CEO and Chairman of the Board, between 1980 and 2012. During the nine years he was RWDI’s President and CEO, the company tripled its business, becoming the largest private engineering firm in the world. Today, Dr. Irwin continues his work with the company as a Senior Executive Consultant.

Dr. Irwin has been highly involved in research and higher education throughout his career. He has given post-graduate courses in Wind Engineering at the Universities of Guelph and Waterloo in Ontario and at the University of Miami and given invited seminars to a variety of other North American Universities. He regularly acts as a reviewer of papers for academic journals, is frequently asked for his opinion on University research grant applications, and recently authored a widely circulated white paper on Research Needs in Wind Engineering.

Dr. Irwin has published over 150 papers in journals and conference proceedings, delivered six keynote or plenary addresses at national or international events since 2004, serves on a multitude of influential boards and committees, and is a fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Engineering Institute of Canada, and the Canadian Academy of Engineering.  He has been awarded Gzowski Medal for Civil Engineering, the Coopers Hill Medal for Civil Engineering, and the Jack E. Cermak Medal for Wind Engineering from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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