FCPALogoCivil engineering students interested in sustainability and materials should consider applying to a unique contest from the Florida Concrete & Products Association (FC&PA).

The Concrete Education Contest, held annually by FC&PA, asks full-time college students to share their concrete knowledge by writing a 2,500-word essay in response to a prompt and showcasing a project that validates the findings of the essay. This year’s essay topic: “How should your institution incorporate the use of cementitious products for sustainable development?”

Students who are interested in participating have until April 15 to perfect their essays, but must complete a prerequisite qualification by January 31: filing and sending a formal application for consideration in the contest to FC&PA. That application includes a requirement for designating a sponsoring professor at your university.

All of the forms necessary for entering yourself for consideration are available here. Questions about the contest can be directed to Mr. Matt Sitter, Vice President of the FC&PA, at mattsitter@fcpa.org.

Learn more about the Florida Concrete & Products Association at www.fcpa.org.